How to Enroll + Midyear Changes

*All benefit enrollment and changes, except 401(k), are processed within Workday.

New Hires

New hires have 31 days from date of hire to enroll in benefits within Workday. After this 31 day period, new hires will not be able to make any changes to benefit elections, except HSA and 401(k) contributions, outside of a qualifying life event or annual open enrollment. Please allow one business week, prior to attempting to enroll in your 401(k).

How to Enroll in 401(k)

Qualifying Life Event

Outside of the new hire period and open enrollment, employees are only allowed to make election changes for qualifying life events. Examples of life events include, but are not limited to, marriage, divorce, birth, loss of coverage, gaining coverage elsewhere, etc. You will have 31 days from the date of the life event to complete the change and submit proof within Workday.

How to Complete a Qualifying Life Event

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is the annual time of year when employees can make benefit election changes without a qualifying life event. Appriss’ Open Enrollment period is in October/November. Elections during this time period will begin January 1 and go through December 31. Appriss has a passive open enrollment for all benefits, except for Health Saving Accounts, Flexibility Spending Accounts, Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Accounts, and Dependent Care FSAs. This means all elections from the previous year will continue aside from Health Saving Accounts and Flexibility Spending Accounts.

Midyear Changes

Health Savings Account(HSA) continuations and 401(k) elections can be changed at anytime of the year without a qualified life event.

How to Change HSA Elections Midyear
How to Change 401(k) Elections Midyear