Work + Life Balance

Results Only Work Environment (ROWE)

At Appriss we care about your performance, not how often you are present in the office. Utilizing a system called Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE), salaried Appriss employees are allowed to request and take unlimited time off and work remotely. This system respects our employee’s needs to balance work with their other responsibilities and interests, while trusting them to be accountable for performance.

Employees may request as much time off as needed with the following restrictions and conditions:

  • The employee’s work must meet company expectations.
  • The employee is not on a Performance Improvement Plan.
  • There are no other staff conflicts that would create a hardship for the employee’s department or the company.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

All regular full-time, non-exempt employees are eligible for PTO. PTO is time intended for vacation, sick leave, and personal time. The amount of time accrued each pay period is based upon length of service with the company and the amount of time worked during the pay period. PTO annual accrual starts at 15 days a year. Employees must be employed and working for 90 calendar days before having PTO available for use. Balance will load within UltiPro on the paycheck following the 90th day worked and will accrue each pay period from thereon.

Flextime and Working Remote

Based upon role and company needs Appriss employees are able to utilize flextime to best fits their schedule. Additionally, some roles are able to work remote periodically and/or ongoing.