Leave of Absence

FMLA Source in partnership with Sunlife manages leaves of absence, including FMLA, maternity, disability, personal, and military leaves. Please note that leave approval does not guarantee paid leave. All leaves must be reported in advance as soon as possible to your supervisor, HRBP, and FMLA Source/Sunlife. Sunlife is your main contact during your leave; please direct all questions to them. If additional resources are needed you may reach out to your HRBP.

Please be sure to read ALL materials sent by Sunlife as they contain important information on your leave, pay, rights, and action items. It is the responsibility of the employee to follow up with items related to their leave. Failure to do so can result in no or late pay during leave and loss of job protection.

*If you are on an unpaid leave or being paid STD through Sunlife and you’re enrolled in medical, dental, or other group insurance plans, the premiums normally withheld from your paycheck, along with other deductions, will be put into arrears and later taken from normal payroll in small payments upon your return.

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Contact Information

Website: www.sunlife-ams.com
Phone Number: 1(877)786-3652
Fax: 1(877)309-0218


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